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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Mimamsa School of Indian Philosophy

Mimamsa School of Indian Philosophy
Ø  Mimamsa literally means ‘revered thought’ and was originally applied to the interpretation of the Vedic rituals which commanded highest reverence.
Ø  Mimamsa and Vedanta are also called allied systems. Both are based on try to interpret Vedas.
Ø  Earlier portion of Vedas i.e., the Mantra and the Bhrahman portion is called Karmakānda- it deals with the action, rituals and the sacrifices. The later portion of Vedas i.e., Upanishads is called Jñānakānda deals with the knowledge of reality.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Verbal Testimony (Sabda epistemology of Mimamsa)


Verbal Testimony (Sabda epistemology of Mimamsa)
Ø  Sabda-Pramana has got the greatest importance in Mimamsa. Testimony is Verbal authority. It is the knowledge of the meanings of words.
Ø  Kumarila divides testimony into two parts: